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Last summer Angela attended a camp for people lucky enough to be born with Down Syndrome.  CAMP PALS was located in Washington D.C. and was a place for Angie to interact with other adults who share her passion for enjoying the outdoors and traveling around the city.  Angie was able to see the White House, or Obama's House as she calls it, the Smithsonian and other museums, the National Mall, and other historical sites around the Washington D.C. area. 

Her friends at Camp PALS heard about Angie's Marathon adventure and decided to share her story with the rest of the camp family.  You can find about more about Camp PALS at .  To see what Camp Pals had to say about Angie you can visit their blog.
Angela conquered the LA Marathon on Sunday and hasn't stopped running around since then.  On Monday morning she woke up early and made a sandwich for her lunch, woke her Mom up and said "Let's go to ARC so I can show off my medal!"  Instead of going to ARC, her day program, Angie went to her old high school, Diane Leichman Special Education High School to tell her former teachers and classmates about what she had accomplished.  She then went to her Music Therapy class at Cal State Northridge University on Monday evening where she celebrated with more of her friends.  Angie finally made it to ARC on Tuesday where she and Antoinette Mendoza congratulated each other on being the first women with Down Syndrome to complete a marathon.  Tuesday evening Angela's family celebrated her accomplishment with her grandparents, Ray & Josie Rivera, who brought Angie a special cake and flowers. Tomorrow, Friday, Angie will go bowling with ARC then she will be dancing the night away at the Leichman Special Ed High School Dance.  She already has her shoes and dress picked out for her big night out!
The celebration continues this week as we get ready to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.  Angela's accomplishment was already reason for her and her family to be on cloud nine.  Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 3 days later is icing on the cake! Check out the World Down Syndrome Day's "Your Stories" page to see Angie's Story titled "Inspiring Hope One Step At A Time"

Visit the National Down Syndrome Society's "My Great Story" page and click on Angie's story titled "Inspiring Hope One Step At A Time" and vote for her story.

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Angela Armenta is one of the first women with Down syndrome to complete a marathon.  In August of 2011 Angela began training to run a marathon. She started out running a couple of laps at a local park and before long she started running 5 miles twice a week. 

In January of 2012 Angela completed her first half-marathon.  Angela and her family continued training and stayed focused on the goal of completing a marathon.  Angie ran between 12 and 16 miles every Saturday and Sunday in the final months leading up to her first marathon.

On March 18, 2012, she completed the 26.2 miles of the Los Angeles Marathon.  Angie displayed the courage, bravery, determination, and heart of a true champion.  Angie's younger sister, Rebecca, and older brother, Joseph, run/walked the marathon alongside her.  Meanwhile, Angela's parents, Michael and Marie, and her oldest brother Edward drove, walked, and ran along the race route with water, food, and other supplies for Angie, Becky and Joseph.  Along the way Angie & her siblings were joined by their Aunt's Ruth, Rita, and Gloria for a combined 12 miles of the marathon.  Angela’s Cousin, Ricky, joined in on the excitement at mile 17 and stayed with her until the end.  An incredible group of family friends, now known as "Angie's Army" joined Angie for the last 10.2 miles of the race.  Together, this joyful Army helped keep Angie motivated and focused on accomplishing her goal. 

Instead of being filled with pain and doubt, the final miles of Angela's first marathon were full of happiness, laughter, singing, dancing, and thoughts of warm cheeseburgers.  With an Army behind her, Angela did it - she completed a marathon despite having Down syndrome!

Angie's Army is all set with our uniforms.  Come out & cheer on Angie as she embarks on an amazing journey tomorrow.  As the clock ticks down to the start of the race we are reminded of the Special Olympics' motto: "Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." 
Mom, Dad and Angie's siblings just sat down for a strategy meeting.  Mom, Dad and big brother Edward are going to be coming by every 3 miles to cheer us on and bring us energy bars, electrolytes, and anything else we may need along the race.  The rain is going to add to the challenge but we are going to attempt this marathon no matter what the weather is like on Sunday.  The journey is just beginning. 

Wishing all of the ARC 5K Run/Walkers the best of luck tomorrow mor
For those of you who are coming out to cheer Angie on this weekend here is a list of Street Closures around the marathon route.  There will be some freeway off ramps closed as well.  Make sure you check the map before you head out!  See you on Sunday!!!

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Your support and encouragement have kept us going throughout our training.  If you would like to send Angie a digital message or video that she will see as she passes check-in stations throughout the race you can do so through the Asics Support your Marathoner site.  They have an option for video, photo with text, or just text. 

Here is the link:
I know a lot of my friends and family will be tracking my progress throughout the race.  Thanks to today's technology you can register online to receive real-time updates about my location during the LA Marathon.  Once you sign up you can choose to have the updates sent to your phone, Facebook, Twitter, or email.  This will be especially helpful for those of you who plan to come out cheer us on this Sunday.

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